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The gorgeous forests, waterways, lakes, and wildlife offer and support tourist attraction in Ignace and the surrounding area. Many of our residents enjoy abundant fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping opportunities right in our backyards, so it is no wonder that the DGR project would call into question the impacts it would have on our natural environment. Read on to find more information on the studies that have been done and are ongoing.

How are we protecting our water?

Our waterways are crucial to our lifestyle in this area. Read about the multi-barrier system to understand the plan to protect our water and environment. The recorded webinar on Water Protection also explains the features of the multi-barrier system and the science & history behind why these elements were chosen to protect the used nuclear fuel. Stay tuned for the results of Environmental Studies that are being done in the area.

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 2.45.36 PM.png

This diagram depicts the changing structure of the rock as the depth underground increases. You will notice that as the rock is deeper and deeper, the least amount of fractures are in the rock. This is the reason for the 500m depth of the proposed DGR.

Wate Protection Webinar
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