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Willingness is an ongoing learning process for all of us.


Willingness is defined as being ready, eager, or prepared to do something. For our purposes, this includes being educated in order to make an informed decision. The NWMO is committed to finding a community that meets a set of requirements, including the appropriate geological attributes, as well as a willing community. So, how do we decide if Ignace is willing?

Here is what we heard from the community...

Although the process is ongoing, from June to October 2021, Hardy Stevenson & Associates (HSAL), along with members of the Township of Ignace, and NWMO conducted studies to decide how our community will make this decision.


  • Reached over 1000 community members

    • Through community group meetings, social media, pop-ups, a survey on the Township of Ignace website, and/or one-to-one discussions.​

  • 166 people provided formal, written comments

    • a third-party consulting company (HSAL), ​was involved in the conversation process

    • they also provided an official report of the findings.

Here is what we heard from our community:

  • A fair, transparent, balanced, confidential, and inclusive process

  • Multiple ways to show whether or not we are willing.

  • An extended decision-making process so that season residents and out-of-town workers who live in Ignace can participate.

  • Residents are requesting, fair, and reasonable discussion to decide willingness.

Information should be received by means of...

  • Newsletters & letter mailouts

  • Face-to-face open houses

  • Door-to-door campaigns.

The result:

  • The community would be asked to decide.

  • A third party would investigate the responses and present them to the Ignace Community Nuclear Liaison Committee (ICNLC)

  • The ICNLC would share the results to the public.

  • More reflection, outreach, and conversations would occur.

  • The ICNLC would present the results to the Township of Ignace Mayor and Council for a final community decision through a Council resolution.

Here is a link to the full report:

For more information on Willingness, click here.

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